Rupture discs are an optimal solution for the protection against overpressure of tanks and reactors, and they are used mainly in the field of chemical, food, petrochemical and  energy industries.
They are characterized by a quick response time and achieve full capacity instantaneously, unlike safety valves.

The range of our products includes:

  • Tension and reverse acting  rupture discs and holders, conventional or composite types
  • Remote Burst Detection Indicators  (BDI) for  DCS interaction
Rupture discs can be constructed in any metal:  in order to guarantee an optimal resistance to the corrosion, they are also available with various types of upstream or downstream lining, and also made in graphite.

They are available in varius diameters , from 1/10″ up to 48″, as well as in particular executions for sanitary applications, where certification FDA/AAA is required.

For the European market, the rupture discs are equipped with PED, ATEX and CE certification, while the U-D stamp is available as option according to ASME.
The discs can also be used in the isolation of safety valves:  the use of the two combined devices allows to obtain a perfect tight seal and substantial savings in selecting a more standard material for the safety valve.