ORI is distributing high technology buckling pin valves and offering including sales and after market activities.
ORI has promoted this technology in the Italian market for several years, and has been awarded key contracts for the supply of buckling pin valves; primarily for the overpressure protection of flare systems.
The buckling pin technology has proven itself over the years and is specified by more and more engineering companies and end users, especially as the most reliable overpressure protection system for larger valve applications.
The buckling pin valve can be used as pressure relief or emergency shutdown (shutoff) with predetermined accuracy and dependability.
The design of the BPRV? is based upon the offset shaft butterfly valve concept. The offset of the shaft results in a turning moment being generated about the valve shaft when a pressure differential is applied across the device. A Buckling Pin mounted externally to the process normally resists this turning moment. By calibrating the Buckling Pin to collapse at a load coincident with that resulting from the shaft torque at a predetermined differential pressure, the BPRV provides accurate pressure relief.
An alternative design is to use the Buckling Pin Valve as switching pilot for the operation of pneumatic actuators, specially in use with butterfly valves. This innovative design is being used in very aggressive processes like sea water or wet H2S or CO2.
The valves are available in sizes from 1/8″ to 48″ in any materials of construction that is compatible to your system.