ORI Srl has been cooperating  since several years in the italian market with the Dutch company Mokveld Valves BV.

Mokveld is a company highly focused on an extreme technological development. Its design, known as  axial flow, is still capable of assuring unbeatable performances in the most severe applications, used on control valves, check valves, HIPPS systems and even choke valves.
Mokveld valves are characterized by several unique features that together give birth to a top performance product capable to meet the most stringent process demands: main features unique to Mokveld valves are:
  • tight shut off, ANSI class VI standard
  • pressure balanced design, for smaller actuators, quicker operational times
  • fully customized cage assuring the best combination in terms of Cv, noise abatement and pressure recovery
  • integral cast body design

Mokveld production includes:

  • Control valves in large diameters and high rating, for critical services like anti-surge for compressors, flare systems, water injection and others
  • Choke valves (in-line axial and angle type) with customized trim in tungsten carbide, with linear or step actuators
  • Surge relief valves for pipelines
  • Check Valves non-slam type, Venturi profile, axial flow
  • HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection) system SIL 3 and SIL 4 certified in accordance with IEC 61508 and 61511, PED cat. IV (see HIPPS design considerations)
During the recent past, Mokveld has developed a special casting technology and is now able to offer valves in large sizes even in super-austenithic stainless steels or 254SMO, as recently supplied to Mess.rs Saudi Aramco.

For all these products ORI Srl can also provide maintenance and training in the Italian territory.