ORI srl sells for the italian market a wide range of the products for tower internal and mass transfer equipment.
ORI is marketing in Italy a full range of Equipment for the chemicals industry, in particular for the “thermal process engineering” with a wide range of random tower packing, the entire interior of mass transfer columns and the supply of complete units.
ORI can supply all shapes and materials in the area of tower and column packing, right from the simple sphere through the high-performance tower packing.
Ceramic heat storage media like honeycombs, saddles and spheres are as much a part of our product range as modern, high-performance tower packing, which can also be made in high-quality thermoplastics (e.g. PVDF, PVA).
ORI can supply also a complete solution of both column and internals basing on customer’s drawing and to give a proper help in the definition or the improving of the involved process.
ORI can supply all the components needed to meet process demands in modern towers, from the liquid distributor through the support plate, from the droplet separator through the gas distributor and  mass transfer trays in versatile designs and materials for almost all applications.
ORI supplies valve, sieve and dual-flow trays, bubble cap trays and also special tray constructions (cascade- or chimney trays, shower decks and trays for foaming systems).
Beside metals also thermoplastic materials can be used (PPH, PE, PVC, PVC-C, PVDF, PTFE, TFM).
ORI full scope of supply includes:
Column internals:
  • Liquid distributors (tray, pan, ladder and trough styles)
  • Liquid collecting trays
  • Feed systems for two-phase mixtures
  • Support plates
  • Bed limiters
  • Mist separators
  • Gas distributors
  • Customized constructions
  • Flash galleries

Random packings:

  • Balls, rings and saddles, available in metallic, plastic and ceramic materials


Structured packings

Fractionation trays:
  • Sieve trays
  • Valve trays
  • Bubble cup trays
  • Dual flow trays
  • Baffle Trays
  • Cartridge trays
  • Customized trays