HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems) represent the last barrier of defense for plants and pipelines from the dangers arising from the increase in pressure.
HIPPS is a mature concept, being developed by some German and Dutch companies (Shell and RuhrGas end-users, Mokveld Valves BV as a provider of these systems) around the ’70s.
HIPPS systems are used to reduce the risk that a pipeline system or industrial plant can exceed its design pressure to a tolerable level.
Historically, HIPPS systems have been governed by quantitative rules, which presuppose certain architectures to “build” a system, first of all the German DIN 3380 and DIN 3381 norms.
New standards have recently been introduced at European level, IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards.
These standards move completely the point of view in designing these systems, being standard mostly qualitative. They focus more on system performance, analysed here throughout its lifecycle, from drawing to production, installation and operation, to decommissioning. The “how” to realize these systems, and to ensure that performance requirements are respected is left to the responsibility of the end user or designer.
It is obviously that this requires a knowledge of these systems and their use far superior to a standard where in practice the engineering company could choose very similar systems even from different manufacturers.

ORI, engaged in engineering and supply of HIPPS systems since 1983, is able to:

  • provide training and technical advice on the application of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards
  • provide training and technical advice on HIPPS systems for various applications (see the various modules)
  • evaluate among the various existing alternatives on the market what is the HIPPS system more responsive to the needs of the user, with particular reference to the presence of certain utilities (electric power, hydraulic control panels, air tools).